About the Andrea Roberts Agency

The Andrea Roberts Agency was established in 2004 when Andrea identified the need and fulfilled the desire of spreading the music that has been so dear to her throughout her life. By offering some of bluegrass and acoustic music’s finest talent an outlet to share their gift with audiences across the country, as well as working with promoters to create an event that pleases their crowd and inspires audiences to return again, Andrea works to be a liaison between the music and its listeners.  

ARA is the culmination of Andrea’s years of experience in varied facets of the industry, which provides her with a well-informed and understanding perspective that only someone with practical knowledge can possess. As a professional touring artist, Andrea performed with artists such as Bill Monroe, Jimmy Martin, Special Consensus, Jim & Jesse McReynolds, Ralph Stanley, Tim Graves and Cherokee, New Tradition, and most notably, Petticoat Junction. She understands booking, traveling, recording, project coordination, airplay, sales, and marketing. As Petticoat Junction’s bandleader, she was responsible for all aspects of keeping a band on the road for eight years. 

Andrea is a proud alumnus of Leadership Bluegrass, a program sponsored by the International Bluegrass Music Association. As well as being a long-time supporter of the organization, she was also nominated for the IBMA Board of Directors in 2004. Andrea has witnessed phenomenal growth within IBMA and the genre as a whole and believes that one of the most vital keys in strengthening the music is keeping artists on the road and in front of audiences. At the 2015 IBMA Momentum Awards,​ Andrea was awarded the Mentor Award, honoring the significant impact she has made on the lives and careers of newcomers to the bluegrass industry - musical and professional.

Originally from Windfall, Indiana, Andrea relocated to Nashville in 1987. She now lives with her husband, Danny, and daughter, Jaelee, just outside the city in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.



Tammy Harman is a life-long bluegrasser based near St Louis and a familiar face at bluegrass events all over the central US. She grew up in a musical family with her grandfather taking her to her first bluegrass festival.  He played the clawhammer banjo as well as fiddle and encouraged her love for the music. The family gospel band had her on stage at the age of 7, singing and later playing the guitar.  She had her own band as a teen, playing the festival circuits in the Midwest  and later married into a bluegrass family as well. She and her husband, Bull Harman, have their own band, Bulls Eye, and manage several bluegrass events in the St Louis area. They also run the Missouri Area Bluegrass Committee, where Tammy is the Editor of the newsletter, The Ramblin's.  Their son, Wyatt, is a busy bass player, performing with not only Bull's Eye, but also That Dalton Gang and SPBGMA band winner of 2017, Mashtag, now called Modern Tradition.  She is also active with both IBMA and SPBGMA, serving an important managerial role in the annual SPBGMA conventions.  She and Bull are also the Stage Coordinators for the Master's Workshop Stage each year in Raleigh.  She worked for 2 years for Randy Graham at Graham Talent Group booking bands in the Midwest. Tammy's experience on all sides as a performer and promoter, help her to understand the challenges that our music faces.  Her passion and dedication for the music are hard to come by. 


Andrea & Jessie

Jessie (Law) Allen moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 2005 from her hometown of Morgantown, Indiana to pursue a life long dream of being involved in and supporting the world of bluegrass music. Born into a bluegrass loving family, Jessie has been surrounded by that high lonesome sound since she witnessed her first jam session at the ripe old age of 2 days old and experienced her first festival when she turned two weeks.  

Jessie graduated from the prestigious Belmont University in Nashville, TN in 2009. During her time at Belmont she interned with ARA and IBMA and in 2007 she was the student monitor for Leadership Bluegrass. Following college Jessie had the opportunity to work with Tom T. and Dixie Hall’s publishing company and record label widening her experience in the industry.  Bluegrass is something that has been part of her for many years, but truly this is only the beginning of her contribution towards keeping the music alive. 

 After her time as an intern, Andrea asked Jessie to stay on as office manger/right hand gal for the agency and now offers artist support services. After nearly 15 years in Nashville, Jessie now lives in Sparks, Nevada with her husband, Mark and son, Wyatt.